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Innovative electronic semiconductor solutions for semiconductor packaging

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Today's consumers want smaller devices, more functions, excellent reliability and, of course, lower costs. In semiconductor packaging, all this can be achieved through Henkel's material solutions. As an overall solution provider, Henkel not only uses its extensive global coverage and manufacturing network to provide excellent technology, but also ensures regional support for customers through customized solutions. With our long-term expertise, we provide a wide range of technical tool sets and application knowledge, including resin and filler technology.

Henkel focuses on cultivating technology leadership through strong innovation. The applications provided can not only respond, but also promote the future development of electronic products. From chip adhesives to liquid and film sealants, EMI shielding conductive coatings, primary bottom fillers (such as liquid and film), thermal conductive materials and conductive and non-conductive adhesives for sensors and modules, we can not only meet the needs of customers, but also provide the first advanced and reliable technology in the market.


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